0-6What The World Thinks

Thoughts from strangers by Samantha Hornsby. A not-for-profit audio project, that enables people to share their opinions about something they feel strongly about. I had the opportunity to share my ideas on developing a Creative Mindset. How innovation is the product of creative solutions and how these ideas will be our strongest assets post Covid-19.

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58461261_10155910249587117_6439370829678510080_oBest Life Café where Saira Khan

The final instalment of the podcast comes from the Best Life Café where Saira and Stuart catch up with experts providing activities and workshops. Special guests include relationship expert Annabelle Knight, Artist Ajay Pabial and laughing yoga instructor Louise Claire Gates.

Listen to the podcast – HERE


aDmE9MkgCreate Jobs & LGBT+ History Month

For LGBT history month – a month which provides role models, builds community, and represents a civil rights statement about the contributions of the LGBT community. I wrote a blog post for Create Jobs following from some training and the importance of highlighting the stories of LGBT+ in our day to day work.

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EQUATE Ajay PabialEquate Magazine

In 2018 I was represented in Issue 1 of Equate Magazine – a bespoke platform bridging the worlds of culture, lifestyle, music, art and politics. Through its long-form editorials and content, EQUATE conveys stories which are as timely as they are timeless. Read the article HERE