Creativity, Culture & Community

Ever wondered what could come of mixing enterprise and the arts? This is perfect for those who which to make their first steps into the world of community arts and creative engagement. Become a startup in our ever growing Creative Sector which as of 2017 accounts for 1 in 10 jobs across the UK and employ 700,000 more people than the financial services! Creative’s are growing force of nature, it’s now your turn to make a difference!

Sliding in your future employers DMs

That’s right I’m talking about Instagram, the internet has proven to be a massive ally in building connections, stalking your future colleagues and finding those individuals who are game-changers in the creative world. But, how do maintain that professional persona to land our next paid venture? We’ll discuss the different ways to make the ideal candidate on and off screen.


Tell me more about you?

You’ve probably come across a couple of job descriptions and realised you don’t tick off any of the person’s skills and requirements? Well what if I told you that there’s a way to overcome that by just bending the truth ever so slightly! As an artist you’re the best of the best when it comes to improvisation so let’s make that our advantage!

You’re network is your net worth

We’ve all heard the saying but what does this really mean? During this workshop we’ll explore how your peers of today are your future collaborators. We’ll discuss ways in which we can stay connected and how these relationships can go on to create something truly awesome!


Own the Hustle

The story of a Creative is not far from an actor waiting tables, as artists, designers and makers we will continue to take on various roles at one time to fulfil our ambitions and reach our dreams. During this workshop we’ll discuss what it means to Hustle and being prepared to own that we’ll be juggling different opportunities to maintain a steady income.


Creating Creative Companies

We see arts organisations popping up left right and centre, but have you wondered how and why? During this workshop we’ll get an understanding of why these organisations are created, how they have come into existence and how YOU can launch your own business one day.