As an artist, my work is an attempt to bring back a disengaged audience that has been marginalized by contemporary artists for the sake of pushing the boundaries of an over-fetishized idea of originality, through the use of traditional modes such as portraiture painting. I do not claim the sublimity of painting but the medium itself is a familiar one, paint carries more potency through its use as a designator and articulator of form and space, purposeful exploration of the material nature of paint becomes the embodiment of a paintings ontology.

Being of Indian decent, my work is influenced by the social contexts of Indian and Hindu culture. The work is a deconstruction of various cultural encounters into colour, line and characteristics, theses scenes are observed with meaning and values brought to their perception by prior experience. The image is remade, transformed as a new aesthetic vision.

Appreciation becomes an aesthetic value rather than originality. The illusion of
realism and the vibrancy of geometrical shapes becomes a spectacle, the shape,
composition and dimension. My works are portraits of people I have come to meet, they are stripped away of their skin colour, identification is no longer of importance and in its place are people of various colours, on depthless backgrounds, there are no signs or symbols or clues left. What we see is flatness of graphic nature with these posed faces. I further strip the paintings by taking out sections of the sitter’s limbs or clothing to create interesting imagery. There is no hidden agenda and one should not sit to decipher them.

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