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Ajay graduated in 2016 from the University of Reading with a BA in Fine Art. Since leaving university Ajay has continued to develop his practise as an artist and curator, exhibiting as well as curating various shows in and around London. His practise was recognized in 2016 by the Owen Ridley Award for Strong Work, Initiative, Generous Studentship and Proactive organizing of exhibitions.

Furthermore, Ajay has worked within the creative industry for two years as a Project Assistant, which has allowed him to be involved with social engagement and cultural regeneration projects.

Drawing from his experiences and struggles as a new graduate, Ajay had quickly realised that the transition from Education to Career was not as seamless as expected.

As an advocate for learning and opportunities, Art Clubbers CIC acts as stepping stone in to the industry, providing opportunities and support to allow young Creative’s the chance to develop and build their skills and portfolios as well as put in to practice their talents in community focused activities and projects.