Who said you couldn’t be the jack of all trades but a master of ALL!

MichaelaEfford_Ajay_8 When Ajay isn’t developing his artistic practise as a portrait painter, exhibiting in shows in and around London, you can find Ajay working on exciting and delivering culture-led programmes and activities across London and if that wasn’t enough you can here him on your local airwaves as a radio presenter!

Having spent the last couple of years connecting communities through the arts and cultural led-regeneration projects, in 2018, Ajay founded his own not-for-profit Arts Organisation – Art Clubbers CIC. As an organisation we are dedicated to helping budding Creative’s into achieving a sustainable career within their chosen industries. Through community based projects and events we provide opportunities to take on different roles in order to develop their portfolios and grow their experiences for future prospects.

Ajay is actively working across public, private and third sectors to support underrepresented young Londoners access into the creative sector by delivering and designing programmes, as well as consulting businesses to embed diversity and inclusion is at the core of its activities. Ajay is on a personal mission to shine a limelight on individuals from BAME and LGBT intersections to ensure visibility and community within the creative sector.


Group / 2014 / INFLUX/ The Quadrant Shopping Centre / Romford / UK

Group / 2015 / The Fall of Icarus/ The Rising Sun Arts Centre / Reading / UK

Group / 2016 / The Dark Thing That Sleeps In Me / The Horse Hospital / London / UK

Group / 2016 / The Unit / The Quadrant Shopping Arcade / Romford / UK

Group / 2017 / Club Collectivum / The Copeland and BusseyBuilding / London / UK

Group / 2018 / WOKE/ The Flying Dutchman / London / UK

Solo / 2018 / Hungama Hotel / The Chateau / London / UK

Group / 2019 /Bloomin’/ Stour Space / London / UK


Owen Ridley Award (2016)

For strong work, initiative, generous studentship and proactive organizing of exhibitions.