🎨 Artist

A practising portrait painter, my work explores through colour and shape human attraction. Influenced by the techniques of the masters and brought into the 21st century with the faces of our world today. I am for commissions, shows and live events.

🎤 Speaker

I have spoken on panels, summits, podcasts and live talks on themes around creative community building, cultural mindsets, diversity and inclusion within the creative sector and intersectional stories of BAME and LGBT+ individuals in the workplace.

🤝 Managing Director

Drawing from my experiences and struggles as a new graduate, I had quickly realised that the transition from Education to Career was not as seamless as expected. Art Clubbers CIC acts as stepping stone in to the industry.

💬 Facilitator

Over the years I have delivered bespoke sessions for a variety of commercial, private and educational partners. From Mindful Art to Being A Multi-Hypenate to The Art of Communication, I can create exciting programmes and sessions for all groups!